Navel Jewellery from The Navel Bar Shop

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Body jewellery, navel bars & belly bars, silver belly bars, tongue rings and navel jewellery available from The Navel Bar / Cheap Body Jewellery. A huge selection of body piercing jewellery at low prices.  All bars are high grade surgical steel body jewellery unless otherwise stated (titanium belly bars, clear plastic retainers, acrylic tongue bars etc.) 

Body jewellery shown is all in stock and ready to be sent to you. Body Jewellery categories in this shop are: belly bars, long dangly navel bars, dangle belly jewellery, belly rings, pregnancy belly bars, tongue bars, clear see through tongue retainers, tongue rings & tongue studs, body jewellery for tragus piercings, eyebrow jewellery, bcrs,labrets, ear stretching jewellery, and body jewellery for other body piercings. We try to make shopping for your body piercing jewellery with us as easy as possible, with lots of clear pictures of the items on offer. Orders are sent daily and we want you to get your purchase as quickly as possible. Belly bar designs include flower belly bars, new jewelled butterfly belly bars, fairy belly bars,  long dangly belly bars, heart drop belly bars, single and double jewelled belly bars with 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm long surgical steel bars, titanium belly bars and titanium bellyrings. The Navel Bar Shop has merged with Jules Body Jewellery so our items are now all together  in one Online Body Jewellery Shop. Please click on the main picture for the link to Jules Body Jewellery online shop.



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Navel Jewellery from The Navel Bar Shop

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